Vermintide Reikshammer Contracts Released


A bold and free new update has just been released to Vermintide! The Reikshammer Contracts has flooded your Bounty Board in the Red Moon Inn, offering 6 new contract types for you to devour and more! These types include:

Take a Stand | Last stand is a very different experience than adventure mode and one that we think a lot of players would like to play more often as an alternative to adventure mode. Due to it's smaller less consistent player base and no current contract rewards we felt that it would be a perfect addition to the Reikshammer Contracts. By not only providing the loot incentive it deserved to encourage inexperienced players to try it out but also providing a common play time to make it easier to find a game we think that Take a Stand will be a fresh addition to the rolling contract roster.

Team Protection: Death | Cooperation and roles has always been key to the Vermintide experience and through the two Team Protection contracts we want to encourage better teamplay and communication through communal reliance and division of responsibility. Team Protection: Death accentuates the need to stick together and keep track of where everybody is as one miss-step can cause all players to need two or more runs at the mission before completion. We hope that through completing these contracts we will make it abundantly clear how well you are able to protect the lives of your fellow heroes and rewards those that do stick together as a team. Somebody died despite your best efforts? No worries, as long as it wasn't a blood bath you're likely to get some progress towards your next attempt!

Team Protection: Special Skaven | If Death is more about reliance, Special Skaven is more about division of responsibility. Through clearly communicating before the game who should be equipped and ready for sentinel duty to expeditely take down the devastating Globadiers, lurking Gutter Runners, indomitable Packmasters and warpcrazed Ratling Gunners this contract should be fun and exciting. Without and you are likely to have to keep at it...

Ordnance Trial | Efficiently using utility items like bombs and potions are a way to reach the top of your game and to learn when to use bombs against hordes is one of the hardest decisions. By encouraging the use of bombs in an efficient manner we hope more players get more experience using these while at the same time also providing a way of playing that encourages building up big hordes of chaff before dispatching them with a well-aimed bomb. All bomb kills are of course shared by the team, so no rushing to get the bombs first is needed!

Treasure Hunt | Do you know where all the chests are in the Wizard's Tower? Are you sure? Well, here's a contract to not only use that knowledge to aid your peers but also learn where they all are so you can better route your 18 min loot run with 2 cursed dice through the merchant district of Ubersreik. Don't worry though, the maps with the highest amount come at a discount so as long as you get 4 out of 5, you'll still pass the Ubersreik Treasure Hunt.

Damage Avoidance | One of our important pillars when designing the game has always been the challenge. Giving the players increasingly harder challenges and the tools to learn, get better and overcome these challenges is therefore of key interest to us and thus has been in the Reikshammer Contracts. Through the Damage Avoidance contract we aim to help players who still struggle at the higher difficulties and to provide experienced players to a way to prove their skill at the core mechanics. One of the key skills on Nightmare and Cataclysm is to simply avoid getting hit at all, so by rewarding and encouraging this we hope more players will learn to play at the higher difficulty levels and receive the sense of accomplishment therein of having reached it through their own skill without training wheels.

There are also some other things in store for testing real skill, we'll see how you do at that...