Vermintide Quests & Contracts Released for PC

Have you been dying to get a splendid new hat for your favourite hero? Or how about that axe that you just never seem to roll for? Well, the wait is finally over! 

In this new FREE DLC for Vermintide we are introducing a means for you to get the loot of your dreams. All you have to do is complete the objectives and collect your reward.

By visiting the new Bounty Board inside the Red Moon Inn, you can accept quests and contracts. Rewards for completing these range from crafting tokens and Boons, to specific loot and epic weapons.

This DLC offers players three new features to the base game:

  • Contracts contain objectives that, once completed, will grant you a reward such as crafting tokens or weapons. The majority of contracts are one-off tasks.

  • Boons are a completely new kind of reward that grants you a timed power-up. They’re granted and activated upon the completion of a certain contracts.

  • Quests are more long term and require you to beat a certain amount of specific contracts. Whilst these may take longer to complete, the reward is all the more sweet

The release for PS4 and Xbox One is set for the 28th of February.