Vermintide DLC Death on the Reik Announced

"You're not gonna believe this, but one of my lads has pinched some... books... I've been keeping close. He's fled down the River Reik, and the skaven are in hot pursuit. I need you to join the chase, and get him before they do." - Lohner

Theft and treachery lead the heroes of Ubersreik on a chase down the river Reik on behest of the dear Innkeep.

Explore two new levels (Reikwald Forest and The River Reik), a brand new weapon for Sienna Fuegonasus and heaps more Skaven to slay.

As has come to be a tradition, we'll also be taking a balance pass on some of the items and traits - making adjustments based on both your feedback as well as our own tracking.

We'll have more to share soon on both the DLC and also a test phase we'll have in place ahead of launch.