Fury of the Northmen

The spiritual successor War of the Roses: War of the Vikings is a historically inspired, hardcore melee combat game in the violent setting of the Viking era.

War of the Vikings offers aggressive combat where skill beats strength.

War of the Vikings’’ puts the player in control of a single soldier fighting for either the Vikings or the Saxons. The player will be able to define the game character profile by choosing everything from armour style, heraldry, shield paintings, beards, armour, weaponry and perks. The game plays mainly in a third-person viewpoint and is a multiplayer game.


Release date

April 15, 2014


3rd Person Medieval Combat


Online up to 32 Players

Key features

  • Deep Customization designed to offer a level playing field with a focus on skill

  • Four Game modes across over a dozen maps

  • Historically Inspired equipment and environments

  • Diverse Classes and Perks suitable for all styles of play